Climbing Mount Kilimanjarro

Kilimanjaro from Ambosselli Game Park

The story starts in Canada where a flat-mate Barry Kelly got a job as a gym instructor and talked me into joining my first ever Health Club. Well it worked my girth went down to a 34” waist and started getting fit, so when I arrived in Nairobi to settle for a while I discovered a small Gym. Getting to know some of the others at the gym and talking of things to do in holidays got into discussion about a group planning a trip to climb Kilimanjaro the highest mountain in Africa. The names of the group are forgotten but the leader had made a previous trip and knew the alternate route from the Kenya side as opposed to the usual tourist routes which leave from the Tanzania side and in most cases are much longer.

There is an apparent myth about the border of this great mountain. In the beginning the mountain was mostly in Kenya until Queen Victoria ‘gave’ it to her cousin King Wilhelm from Germany as a birthday present, at that time before the first world war Tanganyika was a German colony and became all British as East Africa after the war. This story appears to be a myth but if you look at a map you will see that the straight line of the border does a dog leg around the mountain to include all of Mount Kilimanjaro inside Tanzani