VW Beatle vs. Elephant

What happens to a vdub when an elephant wants it to go backward?

This is the result of watching a herd of elephants in Tsavo national park in Kenya and one got a bit upset and came down the road and pushed us backward for quite a distance. There was a creek on one side of the road so I was trying to steer a bit looking out the back window. At some stage the front bonnet came up as a tusk dug in under the bonnet.

This was early into my stay in Kenya pre-marriage so my fiancee, Lynda was in the font with colleague from Grant advertising David Harris, an account executive from London in the back. David had a 300 millimetre lens and he said later ‘all I could see was a bloody great eye’.

Elephants usually give a mock charge at first especially if there are young ones about , this one was probably and auntie helping to protect the young, and she just kept coming down the road. I had my camera with a modest 100mm lens and had started taking photos, in the panic I dropped the camera which went under the clutch and I stalled the car, as you should never turn of the engine when near big game.

David and Lynda

This elephant push seem to go on forever, well in my mind and worrying about the drop to creek on one side of the road. Then whether it was the petrol fumes as the fuel tank is in the front, or she was happy that we were out of the way she backed off and rejoined the herd. I managed to start the engine and made a hasty retreat viewing through this little slit in the bonnet and screen. Then hesitantly got out and shut the bonnet and drove non stop to the game lodge where we were booked in to get our much needed drink.

Talking to the locals we heard about a somebody in a car killed on the main Mombassa road earlier in the year when confronted by an elephant and the car crushed after the elephant burned their trunk on the radiator, We thought thank goodness for Vdubs with no radiator.

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